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The most comfortable and supportive drum throne that you'll ever own. The Ergokinectic™ technology eliminates tail-bone compression and supports the way your body moves, by maximizing your flexibility around the kit while minimizing fatigue and stress to your shoulders, hips and back. Give your career the gift of longevity with the AHEAD Spinal-G Throne.

kr 2 495,00
Round seat diameter 13'';Spindle height adjustable;Double braced;Sitting height approx. 53-74 cm;
kr 1 529,00
Round seat diameter 13'';Spindle height adjustable;Double braced;Height approx. 50-74 cm;
kr 2 073,00
Memory/securing clamp;Spindle height adjustable;Double braced;Round, thickly padded seat with 14" diameter;Sitting height approx. 50-74 cm;
kr 3 258,00
Keep cool during long sessions in the studio or on stage. Airtech breathable dry mesh and lightweight comfort meet a slimline seat profile to offer an ultra compact and portable drum throne.
kr 1 404,00
Trommestol med rundt sete
kr 962,00
Simple drum stool with round seat. Very light. Vinyl seat. Diameter 33 cm / Padding 6 cm. Single braced stand. Height adjustment with Memory Lock. Height adjustable 46 - 61 cm.
kr 798,00
Saddle top;Cordura top, vinyl side;Width 42 cm / padding 12 cm;Tube mount 7/8" (2,22 cm);Suitable for Gibraltar 9608M throne (GI806.914);
kr 1 341,00
Round vinyl seating surface;Diameter 35 cm / padding 9,5 cm;Tube mount 7/8" (2,22 cm);Fits all Gibraltar 9608 thrones (GI806.904);
kr 794,00
Double braced;Spindle;Round seat;Seat with Gretsch Logo;
kr 1 515,00
The Pearl D50 Drum Throne is a lightweight drum throne with round vinyl padded seat and double braced tripod base.
kr 699,00
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Pearl D-930 Drummer's Throne

The D930 Drum Throne features Memory Foam for maximum comfort at an affordable price. The ultra-soft Memory Foam molds itself around the player, giving you customized support that allows you to play for extended periods of time.
kr 1 259,00