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Tone City Bad Horse Overdrive

kr 689,00
Produsent: TONE CITY
SKU: 3317073
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1Megastore Alnabru (Oslo)
2Oslo Sentrum
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Patchkabel Classic 3 st. 15cm. 2 vinkele
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Patchkabel vinklet, TS jack, 1m
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Tone City Black Tea Distortion

This is a classic British AC30 style tone, it wokrs excellently from clear low gain to powerful high gain, and meanwhile it is full of dynamic. Due to the reasonable circuit design, its noise is also controlled at a very low level.
kr 689,00
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Tone City Dry Martini Overdrive

If you own a high watt amplifier , but you can not turn up the volume because of the surroundings limit, you can try this little overdrive pedal, it can help you to get the sound like a full volume amplifier and keep the character of guitar. You can control everything by the konb of guitar volume.
kr 689,00