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Alctron PS-2

a/b switch lar deg sende signalet ditt til to forskjellige oppsett
kr 325,00
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Alctron PS-2U

Nonlatching (momentary-type) foot switch
kr 295,00
PS-4 Dual Foot Switch tilbyr to pedaler i en, både latch-type og momentary-type
kr 445,00
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Ampeg AFS2

2 button footswitch, Pro Series
kr 556,00
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ART CoolSwitch

A-B omkopplare
kr 749,00
ART COOLSwitchPro A/B-Y Switch with Isolation is a handy foot-operated box that lets you switch an instrument signal (guitar, bass, or keyboard) to either of two amplifiers or amp channels, A or B. The “Y” function sends the input signal to both the A and B outputs in parallel
kr 1 049,00
Liner- AB box
kr 600,00
2-way Selector
kr 500,00
Effects Switching System
kr 5 399,00
Kreativitet på pedalbrettet
kr 8 199,00
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Solid fotbryter
kr 515,00
Solid fotbryter
kr 428,00