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elementer per side
500-serie micpreamp med kompressor
kr 1 395,00
Passive Reamping Direct Box
kr 899,00
Hybrid mikpreamp med både rør og solidstate signalgang
kr 2 999,00
High-end vintagelydende mikpreamp, 1073 Style
kr 1 999,00
Single channel mic amp with 60db gain.
kr 799,00
Multi-function tube mic amp with 12AX7 tube: 16 preset modes
kr 1 299,00
Passivt DI-interface By request
kr 2 749,00
AV Direct is the ideal input solution for any application where stereo iPods, Laptop computers, consumer DVD players, Consumer HiFi equipment or video machines have to be connected to a single XLR microphone level input
kr 899,00
kr 899,00
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ART CleanBox PRO

kr 1 049,00
ART dADB dual active direct box acts as two independent, high quality active interfaces for connecting instrument, line, or speaker level signals to balanced inputs
kr 949,00