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Adam Hall Connectors 7543 G

Adapter 3.5 mm stereo Jack female to 6.3 mm stereo Jack male gold plated | pris pr stk
kr 43,00
ART XConnect USB Microphone Cable provides an easy way to directly connect any dynamic microphone to your computer”s USB port for convenient recording without any extra equipment
kr 449,00
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Boston AT-120 Adapter

Adapter. 6,3mm TRS hunn-jack til 3,5mm TRS hann-jack
kr 25,00
Adapter 1/4-tum male Stereo-XLR female
kr 130,00
Adapter, 1/8" TRS jack hunn til 1/4" TRS jack hann
kr 110,00
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D'Addario XLR Female Adaptor

Adapter XLR female-XLR female
kr 130,00
Adapter XLR female-1/4-tum female Stereo
kr 105,00
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D'Addario XLR Male Adaptor

Adapter XLR male-XLR male
kr 105,00
Adapter XLR male-1/4-tum female Stereo
kr 105,00
Hosa BNC 75 ohm-skjøtestykke HUN-HUN
kr 40,00
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Hosa adapter phF/miniJM

Hosa GRM-114 adapter Phono(RCA) Female/mini Jack Male
kr 30,00
kr 45,00