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Kompakt A/D konverter/lydkort - gjør din mikrofon til en USB-mikrofon
kr 595,00
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Apogee Duet 3

Legendary Sound Quality, Total Portability and Hardware DSP all Together in a Beautiful New Design.
kr 7 999,00
iOS/USB Instrument Input with Headphone Output
kr 2 649,00
Digital Guitar Interface for Mac & Windows Devices
kr 1 299,00
Flagship Sound Quality. Vintage Preamp Emulation. Hardware DSP with Premium Native Plugins. Immersive Touch Screen Interface.
kr 19 549,00
Micpreamp By request
kr 9 349,00
USBDI takes in USB audio, converts it to analog audio and then isolates the output using custom transformers
kr 1 149,00
The USB Phono Plus is a high quality USB audio interface with a built-in phono preamp By request
kr 1 449,00
The definitive small format audio interface with class-leading specs and great connectivity with software effects bundle
kr 6 495,00
High quality audio interface with extreme flexibility and included software.
kr 10 995,00
A high-spec 8 channel dual mode interface/ADAT expander and USB-C audio interface.
kr 7 395,00
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Portable 1 in / 2 out audio interface with included software instruments and effects to get recording
kr 1 095,00
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Min: kr 295,00 Maks: kr 56 213,00
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