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Big Fat Bling Ring - White Copper
kr 269,00
Big Fat Neck Tie
kr 269,00
LP Sleigh Bells are the only way to get that traditional holiday sound that everyone knows and loves. Made of bells attached to fabric strips and mounted to a wooden handle, the 12-bell model is great for lower volume situations while the 25-bell model really cuts through live music.
kr 509,00
Unique instrument that creates a wave of eerie, saw blade-like sounds through varied pitches;Bend the spring steel with thumb pressure as the wooden balls strike the surface;
kr 485,00
Scraper for LP245 Guicharo;
kr 129,00
Body: Plastic (Yenigor);Length: 13,5" (35 cm);Diameter: 12 cm;Ergonomically formed finger holes;2 scrapers (LP249B wood & LP243B plastic);Fitting mount (optional): LP592A-X Mic Claw;
kr 469,00
Vibra-Slap, perkusjon med "buzzete" eller raslete lyd
kr 645,00
Length: 48";Material: Bamboo covered in a woven material;Stones as fill for a soft sound;Internal "tree" steps" concentrate the sound;The greater the incline, the greater the downpour;Long rain effect due to length;
kr 914,00
Sleigh bells;12 strong sounding bells;
kr 344,00
Patented LP Tri-Tone Samba Whistle;Crafted of anodized aluminum;Gold;
kr 306,00
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Nino Percussion NINO517

Woodfrog X-small
kr 145,00