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5“;Mountable;Black;1/2" spring-loaded clamping;High pitched, bright sound with a moderate overtone;The slightly rounded playing surface always produces a good sound;Made in USA;
kr 469,00
Cow Bell Black Beauty Senior Deluxe -
kr 822,00
8'';Mountable;Black;A mountable version of the hand held bell traditionally played by bongo players;Deep, rich, moderately dry sound;Great all-around bell;Made in the USA;
kr 636,00
3,5“;Mountable;Low Pitch;Red;Unique form creates light sounds;Thanks to the short sustain it is perfect for playing accents;Made in the USA;
kr 513,00
8“;Mountable on 3/8'' bars and 1/2 rods;Black;Rich, cutting sound is low pitched and moderately dry;Designed for drummers;Made of 14-gauge steel for added strength to withstand hard pounding;
kr 594,00
8“;Mountable on 3/8'' bars and 1/2 rods;Black;Patented;Based on the Sergio Salsa Cowbell with a yellow Jenigor ridge;Jenigor bar dampens sound and resists denting;Lower pitch than the Rock Ridge Rider;Made in the USA;
kr 772,00
4.75“;Mountable;Brushed Steel;Low Pitch;Bright sound with tuned overtones, which are typically associated with the Cha-Cha-Cha;Made in USA;
kr 487,00
LP Jam Bells produce a bright, high pitched sound with short sustain making them perfect for accent notes. They come in two sizes, one slightly higher in pitch than the other. They are made in the USA and have an eye bolt mount that fits 3/8”diameter rods.
kr 421,00
With a pitched playing surface, the LP Mambo Cowbell delivers a satisfying deep pitch that is ideal for a timbale set-up. Made in the USA, the bell features LP’s patented self-aligning eye-bolt that fits 3/8” to 1/2” diameter rods.
kr 549,00