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Suitable for almost all Tablet computer (Apple, Android, Windows) ;Mounting to the (microphone) stand with 5/8" thread or tripod with enclosed pipe clip(10-25 mm);Variable rotated and tilted;All connection on the unit remain completely accessible;Two different sizes available;
kr 296,00
22" cymbalbag
kr 461,00
kr 11 999,00
kr 15 999,00
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Gewa Flageolet selges pr stk (12)

Velg Toneart; Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G Velg utførelse; Yellow Brass, eller Nickel Plated - Alle med plastikk munnstykke.
kr 129,00
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GEWA Foot rattle -

Foot rattle -
kr 430,00
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Gewa G5 E-Drum Set G5-PRO5-BS

Gewa G5 digitalt trommesett.
kr 32 990,00 kr 39 190,00
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Gewa G9 E-Drum Set - G9 PRO L6

GEWA Drum Workstation G9
kr 62 289,00
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